Water Cooled Seat Cushion Air Inflatable Chair Pad

Water Cooled Seat Cushion Air Inflatable Chair Pad

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Water Cooled Seat Cushion Air Inflatable Chair Pad

The Water Cooled Seat Cushion Air Inflatable Chair Pad is a must-have for all people that spend many hours sitting. The mosaic of small pads filled with either air or water creates an ideal environment for your body. The cushion is soft yet resistant and can be inflated with air in a matter of seconds, for water takes around 7-9 minutes.

Main Features :

WHAT YOU NEED: Studies show that we spend around 60% of our time sitting down, leaving most of our body’s pressure on the spine. That's why we have this amazing water seat cushion, a comfortable and practical accessory that ensures pressure relief.

SUPER PRACTICAL: Not only is the air pillow super comfy, but it also has 40,000 Class A anti-slip particles on the bottom which prevent slipping. The seat cushion can be inflated in a matter of seconds and can be used on your office chair, on the plane, and even in the car seat.

COOL DOWN TECHNOLOGY: By adding plain water to the inflatable chair pad chair cushion, it will help you cool down and dispense heat for a more comfortable experience. Don’t worry: the water pad is leakproof and is covered with durable TPU material that does not require an additional case.

HOW IT WORKS: This ergonomic seat pad uses a mosaic of small cushions that can be filled with either air or water. The air convection technology produced an anti-gravity effect which offers support for the spine and even stress relief. The bottom cushion is soft yet still manages to reduce high pressure.

PREMIUM MATERIAL: One of the best parts about the amazing pressure relief cushion is the material blend that is comfortable on the skin and wrinkle-resistant. Lycra diving elastic fabric feels delicate and soft, greatly improves the feel of the seat cushion and the recovery of the crease.

Specifications :

Material: TPU+LYCRA

Weight: 280g

Color: Black, Gray

Size: 48.4 x 38 x 41CM

    Package Includes :

    1 x Seat cushion

    1 x Mini electric water pump

    1 x Air pump


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