Strong Repair Tape

Strong Repair Tape

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  • Strong Repair Tape

  • You have a lot of equipment around the house and as much as you try to be careful, accidents can still happen and you’d end up breaking some of them. When you have this Repair Adhesive Tape, you can do a much better repair job because it's strong and will adhere to any type of surface. You’ll be getting a lot of use out of your household equipment.

Main Features :

  • For A Durable and Dependable Repair

    This Strong Repair Adhesive Tape is the solution to all your high-temperature breaks, tears, and cracks. 100 times stronger than duct tape and as strong as steel for durable and dependable repair.

  • For Automotive Repairs and Cracked Pipes

    It's not tape; it is a rigid repair wrap that is super sticky. Wrap it around the damaged or leaking area, its fiber resin hardens like steel in minutes. Let it sits for a few minutes to achieve a long-lasting repair. 

  • Repairs Your Equipment Seamlessly

    Its fiber resin hardens once dipped in water, making it as strong as steel. By doing so, it gives it an advantage over the tape, making sure that it will stay together no matter what it goes through.

  • Wide Application

    It’s great for repair jobs inside and outside your home, such as leaking pipes, old & rusty pipes, broken poles. Anything that is broken can be taken care of. Once you’re done with your repair, it can be easily sanded and painted to get that perfect finish. 

  • Simple Operation-Strong Sticky

    Applying it is as easy as any other adhesive. Just wet and then wrap it around whatever it is that needs to be fixed, and in minutes it hardens and is good to go.

Specifications :

Material: Cloth

Product weight: 50g

Product size: 127 x 5 cm

Package Includes :

1 x Roll of Strong Repair Adhesive Tape


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