Moisture Absorber For Shoes

Moisture Absorber For Shoes

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Moisture Absorber For Shoes



Main Features :

  • DEHUMIDIFICATION It contains zeolite minerals that can absorb the moisture in the shoes, helping to remove the odor inside the shoes and extend the using life of your shoes.

  • DEODORIZATION Double SHIELD ingredients, release freshness factor, keep your shoes away from the odor and bring freshness and fragrance to shoes.

  • BACTERIOSTASIS With a continuous effective antibacterial agent that inhibits bacterial regeneration and the dry and fresh environment is not conducive to the growth of bacteria, keeping shoes more refreshing and cleaner.

  • EASY TO USE Unscrew the capsule, choose the different gear which represents different degrees of dehumidification and aroma, respectively. 

  • REGENERABLE Due to the nature of the zeolite, it can be reused after exposure to the sun.

Usage Scenarios :

  • Especially for shoes, clothes, wardrobes, bags, drawers, etc.

Specifications :

Color: Pink, Blue, Yellow

Material: ABS

Product Size: 9.2 x 3.2 cm

Package Includes :

2 x Deodorizing Dehumidification Capsule


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