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  • May 02nd, 2016
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You have maybe heard of this game called League of Legends and to be frank if you’re reading this gaming website I see no reason why you wouldn’t know about it if it’s the freaking biggest game that has ever existed since the dawn of time, literally millions of players play this game and they’re bigger than most medium sized countries at this point.

boost your elo account lolBut moving on… the reason we’re here talking about League once again is because there’s a sub-market for a thing called elo boost account and what this means is taking the account of someone of lower skill level and raising it to a higher rating by some other pro player playing it, I’m sure I don’t have to explain elo boosting any further but there’s this website called rankedboost that they specialize in this type of service and they would not only take your account higher but they will leave it with some crazy pro ranking, this making you look like a super pro (when in reality you aren’t but hey some people like to pretend being someone else and that’s fine (I guess)).

  • January 21st, 2015
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Fit from your own house

eat and workout healthier

Hey there, you might find out that when you do some housework like moving furniture or just fixing something, you get exhausted just from doing such thing, this let me tell you it’s because you are not healthy and you are not fit as you should be.

do pushups to get a better health every dayYes it’s harsh to tell you this but in reality this is what happens, your body isn’t used to moving that much and handling weight of any kind which is really bad for your overall health.

Exercise at home right away

Please exercise because it will help you a lot in your daily life and in your life in general to be as fit as you can possibly be without getting exhausted by trivial tasks like moving stuff around your house.

Do me a favor and don’t slack and try to keep your health levels as high as you can or as high as your job allows it to be.

You don’t need to be an athlete or a bodybuilder or even a powerlifter to be able to handle these small tasks.

If you happen to live in Costa Rica and you find yourself that you don’t know what you are doing in regards to your health then please head over to a site that will increase your health or as ticos call it “mejorar tu salud” and just learn how to deal with not being healthy.

you can look like this fit model if you eat right and learn how to lose weightLearn how to lose weight from the sites on the internet

Learn from various different sites I’m sure you will find plenty of good content on the internet and you will find it very pleasantly that you, on the long road, will end up being a healthier more fulfilling person in your life.

Weight loss and health in general such as fitness can be something that will put down most people because it takes too much time but let me tell you that to be fat and not healthy it takes even more time for your body to adapt to that condition, please do yourself a favor and don’t punish your body with unhealthy habits. Read about diets to change your life right here please and don’t think for a second that you not able to change your life upside down for the good and become a healthier better version of yourself, as a famous person called Elliot Hulse says.

Stay positive and remember that if you get exhausted from house work, then you should reconsider your priorities and think about a healthier and fitter approach to your life.



  • September 04th, 2014
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Well I know some of you might ask yourselves how the heck to buy such an expensive house if you aren’t renting, well it’s easy, if you live in the Toronto Area you might want to consider a Mortgage Broker Toronto so that you will be able to find the right place and the right house at the right time for you, don’t worry because the money won’t be an issue if you just get a mortgage broker, they know what they are doing.

  • June 27th, 2014
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Apartment is a small part of apartment building which is self-contained housing unit. So-called flats in different English speaking location all over world. Design has changed over last century, but overall everything remained the same. Bathroom ,kitchen and living room and additional rooms depending on apartment size. Apartments building started appearing first in Rome history, where in somewhat big cities gave birth to insulae, which housed lower and middle class Romans.

rentals calgary apartment rentals houses homes

Some apartment building reached up to ten stories ,where ground lever were the place for shops and lower floor typically occupied by a wealthier families. During medieval Egypt there were reported large buildings up to seven stories high in old Cairo. Housing up to 200 people they had small gardens on top of them. Find the best Apartment Rental Agency in Calgary or England late nineteen and early twenty century ,apartment buildings and flat were gaining it popularity. Majority of population still preferred houses as their living ,and population living in these flats and apartment blocks were branded as different. Urban growth forced the idea that large amount of population can live in smaller areas ,and thus started era many urbanism projects .

By the year 2011 ,52% of homes were flats. Advantages or apartment buildings are: security ,convenience ,real estate investment and location. Most of the modern buildings are opened with card key, key and video phone. Richer neighborhoods have doorman, and closed indoor garage. Flat complexes are also built-up with health ,hygiene ,natural disasters and fire danger in mind. They all must past rigorous inspections to make people and families living inside safe as possible. Looking from investor perspective , its cheaper and easier to construct apartments.

Not to forget economical and profit factor of the construction project, basically few apartments can pay off entire project when sold. Convenience is also factor when it comes to deciding whether to buy or rent flats. General maintenance and landscaping are done by one person, which is a big thing when living in northern regions. Long and snowy winters in climate extremes make living more easier in these buildings Or also you could try living in the best place of the universe called Laval in Canada, so please go ahead and contact the best agency for rental apartments in Laval. Some disadvantages include energy use, privacy and noise insulation. In smaller buildings between 4 to 7 stories high there is no need for elevator, and have low energy footprint.

In most western world countries and especial United States, there are many buildings with low soundproof walls, mostly plaster type walls. In these buildings privacy and noise can become big problem. Most skyscraper buildings have housing and office area. Residential skyscrapers originated in Hong Kong, and now that culture is gaining momentum in wealthy cities throughout the globe. Some of tallest residential buildings are in Dubai.

best apartment rentals in lavalTo enter tallest residential top list ,building must be above 250m tall. Also check Vrum Rentals At the moment Princes tower in Dubai is number one in the world. Penthouse is apartment on highest floor and is typically more luxurious than other apartments in the building. Penthouse idea originated in New York at the time of economic and construction boom in 1920’s. So if you’re looking close location to your workplace, or urbanism heaven for your children and future, buying apartment at good location might be great first step .

  • June 20th, 2014
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After my trip to Costa Rica as vacations I decided to stay there but for a bit longer so that I could spend some time actually knowing the place a lot better by myself than what a travel agency could show me.

Obviously the place had to be good, I wouldn’t stay in an ugly or inconvenient place that I didn’t like.  I searched for good beaches and beach towns for foreigners and came across a place called Tamarindo which is a place I didn’t get to visit when I was in a travel guided tour.

Tamarindo apparently isn’t only a nice beach but it is also a surfing destination, a sport I always wanted to practice as you may remember from Sunset Surf in Dominical.

tamarindo vacation rentals

So what I did was I found the best house ever when I was looking in google (hopefully you’ve used that once or twice) for vacation houses for rent in tamarindo and surprise surprise I found this true paradise that I couldn’t keep my eyes out of until I finally got there; there’s nothing more beautiful than enjoying vacations while you feel yourself at home, you feel like you belong there.


Another place I was craving to visit was this amazing place called Manuel Antonio, still in Costa Rica however it was a long drive all the way from Tamarindo to Manuel Antonio so what I did was spend some time in Tamarindo at my beautiful rental house and then I rented another one (quite fast while still in Costa Rica) in Manuel Antonio and ohboy is the place amazing, there’s nothing more beautiful than that, it has a natural reserve and so many things is unbelievable, they treat foreigners super nice as well so there wasn’t a single moment where I felt I was left behind.

manuel antonio vacation rentals

Again same process applies to how I found it, I went on to look for Manuel Antonio vacation rental houses and I found the best agency that within minutes got me the best house ever and I just made it my home.


My stay at manuel antonio wasn’t that long because I was kind of restricted in time due to work so I encourage anyone that plans on visiting to take some time before they get there because it’s 100% worth it.

Also before anyone asks the way I found these homes was a combination of google and a site called House Finder Costa Rica they were super nice and helpful and I can’t be more grateful that I got these guys to help me.

  • June 18th, 2014
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After deciding I should definitely live in Costa Rica I tried to do everything by the book, of both USA and Costa Rica so what I figured I’d do was to get in contact with a lawyer on both sides to know what I had to “legally” do to be in there with no problems at all.

US attorney told me there shouldn’t be a problem as long as in Costa Rica they accept my residency which shouldn’t be hard due to my previous records as a US citizen.

So I looked around again to find the best lawyer and someone that could understand my very needs, so I had to look not only for a real estate lawyer but also for an immigration lawyer to deal with everything and make sure that my time in Costa Rica would be 100% protected and everything in rule.

After a bit of a search I came across the best Costa Rica lawyer Firm out there which definitely opened my eyes as to how easy things can be if you look for the right person.

I definitely recommend them for any folk that wants to travel to this beautiful country which can lead to eternal bliss after you’ve experienced the first time, as you can read in my other blogs about when I tried to surf and when I decided to look for a house after some vacations I took here.

Don’t think it twice if you are already looking for a new place to live because I swear you won’t regret this piece of blissful heaven in which you will enjoy every last moment you spend in here.

I’ll add some pictures in here for you to look and fall in love with Costa Rica a little bit more than what you probably already are.


enjoy after getting everything set with a costa rican lawyer


real estate lawyers in costa rica for you to enjoy your life like you never have done it


There’s more, I’ll add some videos so you get an idea of how wonderful the time with the lawyers is here, unlike any other place where you dread the time to be with them. This firm called CR-Lawyer has all the specialties that you could ever need so you don’t have to be jumping around from lawyer to lawyer to get things done.